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49702412 383329942427189 7135186820467261440 n James had his first experience at the age of 13 when he saw a UFO, drew a picture of the UFO that he had seen and then those from that very UFO took the picture that he had drawn. This was but the first of many experiences. He has seen UFO's all over the world, everywhere he has lived. In order to fully move onto his path, 1986 was the year that everything changed. In 1986, his grandmother, on her deathbed, told him to follow and stay on the path that he was starting. She had already been to the other side and knew what was happening and the messages that she had to give to him. Then on Christmas morning at 2 am his friend Hal told him that he didn't come from Earth, but came from elsewhere. He knew this was true. Within 4 hours his friend had literally disappeared off of the planet as he wasn't actually incarnated here. The real awakening began and each step was deliberate. Spirit would tell him that his time of teaching would come in Divine Time, Divine Order and Divine Rightness. That time has now arrived and he has taken his place in the creation of The Awakening Network. You have come to the place that is run by Spirit.

James Thomas Devitt is a Master Healer and Master Spiritual Teacher of the New Energy. He became a Reiki Master in 1991 and in 1995 received the peices for the brand new pure quantum BlueStar Healing Meathod. He is an International Master Channeler and Spiritual Coach/Mentor for over 30 years, as well as an international author. James works with the High Council of the GodStar, The Council of Light, The Ashtar Command Council and the Earth Planetary Council of Elders. James created The BlueStar Spiritual Group at the beginning of 2015 to assist people to move into alignment with their true self and to walk their true path. Originally from the United States, James moved to Australia in 2000 to marry his twin flame and have lived in New Zealand since the end of 2009.

In 2007, he published his first book, “The Final Incarnation” through Lightworker.com in Las Vegas, Nevada. James is now preparing to re-release this book under his own concern, in e-book form. He is also working on a new book. James’s path is all about opening people up to accepting and moving into alignment with the new energy and the new Earth. Through the quantum healing modality he has developed with Spirit called, The BlueStar Healing Method, he opens a sacred door within the heart centre of a person to enable them to reconnect to their own true energy and move into alignment with the path they are meant to walk and receive the guidance that they require.

This planet is in the process of shifting and changing in a major way and now that the evolution of this world is assured, it is time to take things to a new level. James has received permission from the Guardians of the Akashic Records to access the personal information required to assist an individual and has been entrusted with the encodements and activations that are needed to assist people on their path and to move more fully into the new energy. The old energy relies on external sources in order to receive healing and guidance. The new energy is all about people being able to access what they require from within themselves once they have walked through their doorway. Each person has access to phenomenal power and abilities that are within them.

James has created and developed new services that are designed to assist people in connecting more fully to who they truly are as well as being able to receive the guidance that they require such as the Personal Akashic Scroll. He has provided BlueStar Healing workshops this year and has several planned for the New Year. He offers Spiritual coaching and mentoring sessions which can be done in person or via skype. James is also creating exciting new events, retreats and workshops in partnership with the best spiritual leaders that are available. Each dedicated to the new energy and the new Earth. James focus is on discernment and operating from the deepest place of his heart and in full communion and connection with Spirit.

James has now expanded with the creation of The Awakening Network. This includes the BlueStar Spiritual Group, a collection of amazing readers and offering readings that are quantum in nature and that cannot be gotten anywhere else. There is Metamorphosis: Life Coaching/Life Transformations, focused on career, relationships and self-esteem issues. He is a Professional Life Coach. Then lastly, he has started The BlueStar Academy Spiritual School. With offerings that can allow and assist people in connecting more fully to who they truly are.


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