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Gretchen NZ

I received James $150 package. Which by the way is very well worth it. That package Included the Akashic Scroll. Amazing. It was insightful honest raw and real. James doesn’t tell you what you want to hear. He tells you what you need at that time. I absolutely loved it . It gave me more clarity and insight into myself and I understood why I’m here today and the lessons I’ve gone through so far. And what I need to do today now for myself. I am most grateful. Then the BlueStar healing from James was amazing and releasing. I felt a beautiful huge wave of energy go over me the time he was doing the healing. All I can say is you can feel it. Then the personal Light language activation Brought me a sense of peace within. I felt very connected. Even with this package or not I would get all 3. Next, I would like to try that I hear is fantastic is the house clearing. So, James thank you so much. Much love to you and Janis as always. Thank you for being you. 

I’ve had Janis awesome Tarot readings that where in depth and I felt Janis picked up on me very well. Janis has also done a 12-month spread for my daughter that she loved. And James did a Akashic Scroll for my daughter that blew her away. That she is trying to connect those pieces still and that’s part of her journey to process all in good time when she ready to do so. 

Thank you all your guidance in all the different forms. They all Truly resonates with me today



Susann NZ

Blue Star Quantum Healing Workshop:

A very profound experience to have had the chance to experience and learn the Blue Star Quantum healing method. An eye opener to experience such a deep healing and give it to one another. I had my throat and heart chakra replaced by James it felt like the weight of the world had been lifted with it. At the end of the workshop we were all given our spirit names and information about our soul mission which couldn't be more mind blowing.

James and Janis are a true gift to this world 


Ka Ying Taiwan

I have his reading done this morning, it was so intense and powerful. So many useful advice are given with love. Highly recommend for the healing and personal spiritual coaching, can feel the intense heart chakra with emotion release when healing undergoes, I am surprised on so much blockage that I have.

Thank you so much James. *Love and light *


Helen NZ

I contacted James to do a house clearing at my parents’ house which is the family home I grew up in. There were a few weird things happen over the years some of which scared my mother and I sometimes felt I was being watched.

James did a very intense clearing on the property, gardens and house and removed a number of spirits, beings and portals. I have been at the house today and it feels amazing, so different and I actually feel a uplifting, buzzing, happy energy when I walk into the rooms.

This was done by distance as I am in Auckland and James is in Christchurch. So glad our paths have crossed, and I had this done, what a lovely experience just before Christmas.

Will definitely look into James’ other services and readings in the future.

Cannot thank you enough, Merry Christmas xox


Wendy NZ

I recently engaged BlueStar Spiritual’s services to clear the property and house of my deceased parents that I’m currently living in. Prior to the clearing, the place had been blessed over a period of time, by several ministers and family members but it has never ‘felt’ right by me.

On the day that James from BlueStar performed the clearing I was home and felt a big difference around the house. After reading James report it made sense to me of some of the ‘areas’ he mentioned how I had often sensed something not quite right in those areas. Even my mum would talk about one particular area that was ‘dark’. James’s work picked it up.

It has been a day after the clearing, and I must say I’ve noticed a difference. It’s like the house has now ‘allowed’ me to carry on sorting my parents’ estate – a job that has been very difficult and I haven’t been able to work out why until now. My health has suffered a fair bit this year and I have felt a BIG difference on my health for the better.

The clearing was done long distance by James after providing him with the necessary information and tools he needed from me.

I would highly recommend their services to anybody who requires to ‘make a difference’ in their home or workplace.

Thank you so much James.

Blessings and kind regards

Wendy H


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